驚きの値段 B06XKXKN99 SPRINTカーボンステム SL Zipp 120mm/-12deg|Matte 120mm/-12deg Black/Black Matte Black/Black-ステム


カンパニョーロ SUPER RECORD 11-32T 12S スプロケット B07CH1Q26N

Zipp Stem SL Sprint 12° 1.125
Strikes the ideal balance of stiffness and lightweight to deliver responsive handling without wasting a single watt
Comes with its own stem cap that\u2019s designed to be aerodynamically efficient by blending into the stem body
Includes stiff aluminium faceplate and stainless steel hardware with TORX heads on all bolts for precision torque readings and ease of adjustment
Size: 120mm